H.O.H. X'clusive Flightposite

Nike and House Of Hoops are at it yet again. This Friday they released a pair of Flightposites that will only be sold at The House Of Hoops. These just popped up out of no where. So we didn't have a chance to get any footage. There wasn't even a line.
Like we said they popped up out of no where. Check the pics below. The insoles are insane. It's like your going to the awards with your kicks on. Because the insoles imitates the Red Carpet from the awards.

Stay Tuned............

Nike Sports Wear Store / 21 Mercer Street VIP

Besides being a retail store. 21 Mercer will also have a few forms of Nike ID. A few forms meaning their will be Nike ID for the public. And Nike ID for the VIP. And last but not least. As we like to call it the Ultimate VIP. Where prices can fetch into the $900 and up price range. There will be a lot of things going down at 21 Mercer. Their will also be a party for the Ultimate VIP next week The Ultimate VIP were suppose to be able to go ahead and start shopping before the store opened. But since construction is still going on that was canceled. Keep checking in as more information comes. We will keep you posted.

Stay Tuned........

Nike Sports Wear Store / 21 Mercer Street

Hello to all the viewers out there. Sorry we haven't updated the blog in a few days. But we've been out looking for information. You all know about the Nike Sports Wear Store. But how many of you know that the store was suppose to be open since last year.

Nike has been stringing us along for a year now. And a lot of us or going crazy waiting to see the store. Before Nike settled with the name Nike Sport Wear. Their were a few names before. The Air Force 1 Store, The Air Force 1 Beacon Store, The Beacon Store and 21 Mercer. The list goes on. SneakrAddicts stopped by today to take a look at the new location. And shockingly enough the store is still under construction. The picture that you see above is all that you see in the store as of now.

The store is suppose to open on 8-22-08. There was a previous date before this one. The original date was 8-8-08. The day that the Olympics began. Let's just hope and prey that they will keep the date of 8-22-08 and bring something new and X'clusive to the table. We did speak to a few people from Nike and they told us that their will be four pairs of Air Force 1's releasing only at the Mercer Store as a Mercer Store X'clusive. They also told us about a few more releases. But were not at liberty to say at this present moment. As time moves on we will be able to release more info.

Stay Tuned...........