The SneakrFather Show's His Love

We know that we've been going real heavy with Bo Jackson news, but hey Nike is showing us that love. With that said The SneakrFather has decided to show Bo Jackson love with two more pics that would have been a nice look for the Who is Vincent Edwards post.

Air Trainer 2009

Ok everyone for all the non-lovers of the Air Trainer 2009. There are two things that you need to know. (1) Their comfy ass hell. (2) If you talented you can ID a mean ass pair. Our boy Paper Chaser from OSD just sent us some pics of a pair that he ID’ed. Paper you did your thing. (I taught you well LMAO) I think I might order my pair now.

Stay Tuned...........

Nike Tees

Ok everyone I’m aware that summer is done, but there are two tees that I had to post up. Some of you may have seen them already. Some of you may have not. Some of you may have even overlooked the tees. Well I thought I would point them out to you. The first tee I’m not too fond of, but our boy Paper Chaser from OSD pointed out the Grammar in the shirt. So it had to be posted. Now as for the 2nd tee. It’s for the Bo Jackson Lovers it just hot simple as that.

Stay Tuned.............