1 World Krink Air Force 1 Release

To all of you that had the chance to purchase the 1 World Krink Air Force. I hope you paid a reasonable price. The Srp stated that the sneakers were $250. If you purchased them from 21 Mercer the price was $150 and it came with the Krink marker and a tee shirt.

NATE & Q at it again.

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SneakrAddicts DVD Black Friday Air Force 1 NYC Release Video

SneakrAddicts DVD Black Friday Air Force 1 Release NYC from SneakrAddicts on Vimeo.

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DjCk Black Friday Air Force 1 Pre-Interview (PASSWORD)

To all that are having problems with the password. You have to type it the exact way that it is in the image. (make sure the letter B in black is capital and then press the space bar capital F for Friday then space number 1)

DjCk Black Friday Air Force 1 Pre-Interview

The SneakrFather from SneakrAddicts DVD had the chance to sit down with DjCk for a X'clusive interview at Sound Clash Recording Studio. Besides interviewing Clark. The SneakrFather had a chance to listen to the Black Friday Mixtape. He stated that the mixtape has a lot of songs from the 90's. From what The SneakrFather told the rest of us. Bun B has a mean ass intro on the mixtape. Spitting to The Ghetto Boys "My Mind Playing Tricks On Me" beat. Of course Bun had to spit about kicks. In The interview Clark speaks about The Black Friday Air Force 1 and some future releases. much love to Shoe Money thanks for the help. Shot out to Nate for being a regular viewer and for your feedback on the ideal. Clark thanks for your time.

SneakrAddicts DVD & DjCk Black Friday AF1 Interview from SneakrAddicts on Vimeo.

This video is set with a time bomb. A password will be added to the site that allows you to view the video Wednesday @ midnight. We know it sounds crazy. Were just trying to be different.

Once again something new from SneakrAddicts DVD YOU HEARD IT HEAR FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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For all of you OSD fans, OSD will be taking a hiatus this Wednesday. They will be back on December 3 with a subject that will make all of you go hmmmmmmm!!!!!!! If you don't know what OSD is by now please view the following pic below

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