The Addicted

Here are 3 addicts(collectors) that are featured on the Sneakr Addicts Dvd. We will continue to post more collectors and a few clips as the release date nears.

Dave "ABACUS" "El Presidente'"

Collecting:15 Yrs
Pairs:Approximately 150
Media Appearances:SneakrAddicts DVD,
Awards:"Awards? Don't need none, I'm certified"
Travel:Japan,Miami,DR,Hong Kong, Philly, Cali
Imports:Japan,Hong Kong, Paris,Australia
Sneaker that started the addiction: Patrick Ewing Sneakers(Personal Line)

Chad "I Don't Do Much"

Age: 29
Collecting: 15 Yrs
Pair:Approximately 1,000
Media appearances: SneakrAddicts DVD & International Sneaker Battle
Awards: Best Other Collection @ International Sneaker Battle
Travel:Seattle, MIA,Canada, VA,DC,Maine, North Carolina ,Cali
Imports:England & France
Sneaker that started the addiction: Jordan 3's

Mayor "Air To The Throne"

Collecting:Copping all my life. Turned into a beast in 95
Pairs:Approximately 1,400
Media Appearances: SneakrAddicts DVD, Sole Collector AF1 25TH Anniversary CBS Sunday Morning News, CW 11 News
Nike NYC Vote &
Travel:Shops in the Ny everything else is shipped.
Imports: Japan & China
Sneaker that started the addiction:White & Black Air Force 1 high with swoosh on strap


There is alot of work involved in making a dvd. So we've been real busy. There are numerous DVD's coming out about sneakers. So were going to try and add something a little different. Besides the DVD SneakrAddicts will also be working on a comic book. And a few other things as well. If any of you are wondering why we don't keep the site updated with every sneaker release. It's because this site will only contain information about the DVD and other future endeavors from SneakrAddicts DVD. There are already enough sites out there to keep you informed of all the releases. Such as And Those are two sites that we check daily.
Basically we will try to bring to you as much footage as possible.
We will try to keep everyone entertained with footage from sneaker events and big sneaker releases.

Stay Tuned..................