White Hennessy/Pure White Hennessy

To all of you who read our last post. We stated that we would move off the topic of sneakers for a moment and bring you some different information. Information about Hennessy. White Hennessy that is. A.K.A. as Pure White Hennessy.

Hennessy Pure White expresses the qualities of the white wines from which they are distilled. They are produced with the finest white grapes from the sunny Cognac region. The Cognac double distillation accounts for its flowery aromas and powerful character. To enjoy the sheer aromas of Hennessy Pure White, let the bottle cool in ice for a while and drink it on the rocks in a tumbler or as a long drink. Because of its outstanding character, the smooth and flowery aromas will be fully brought out. Did we mention that it's also smooth. Be don't let the smooth taste fool you. It's still 40% volume and it will put you on your ass.

Hennessy Pure White isn't sold in the states. So if you don't travel or have friends or family that lives out of the country. You will most likely miss the chance to taste a smooth cognac. But some clubs will sell you a shot. But be prepared to pay $20 for a shot.

The people over at Hennessy are marketing genius. Recent innovations include trying to broaden the appeal of the drink beyond its traditional base of older drinkers, by introducing new products such as "Pure White" and "Fine de Cognac" and marketing them accordingly. Basically making their liquor Tier Zero. The members of SneakrAddicts never had the chance to try Fine De Cognac. But we will now be on a mission looking for a bottle.

I mean we do collect other things besides sneakers. And if your wondering why it's called Pure White. Chill the bottle for a while and pour it on ice. That's if you can get your hands on this Tier Zero Liquor.

Stay Tuned.............

Premium Goods , XXL, Fila & Hennessy Release Party

Another day another Sneaker release. But a release with a different ambiance. Fila set this release up for you to feel comfy. It wasn't set up as your normal sneaker release parties. It was set up with a networking atmosphere. A whole bunch of people from a lot of different companies. But you wouldn't know who was who until you mingled around the place.

A d.j. was there just as their were d.j.'s at other sneaker releases. But this d.j. played classics from the late 80's-90's. Hennessy provided the drinks. JuJu Of The Beatnuts showed up as well. If you don't know who The Beatnuts are. Then most likely your to young. But you can look up a album or two. Try Intoxicated Demons.

So all in all it was all good. How can you go wrong meeting new connects and drinking free Hennessy. To bad they didn't have White Hennessy. For those of you who never heard about White Hennessy. Don't worry we will change the topic of sneakers for a moment and inform you.

Stay Tuned..........

Premium Goods , XXL, Fila & Hennessy Party

Premium Goods are at it again. This time it isn't a Nike release. It a release with Fila. A party will be held tomorrow at the Fila Store. The Sneakers will be sold on Friday at Premium Goods. SneakrAddicts will see you there.

Stay Tuned...........


What's going on people. SneakrAddicts has been missing for a few. But vacation was calling us. And we had to go. But even on vacation we had to work. So were back now waiting for the next release.

Stay Tuned..........