Sneakers Till The Death

For all of you die hard sneaker fans. The people of Ghana have created something just for you. A little scary to some but the people of Ghana have created a coffin that resembles an Air Max 95 Z sneaker. Info and pictures of coffin below.

During the last four decades in coastal region Of Ghana, a tradition has developed of burying the dead in elaborate fantasy coffins. The artisans who create them draw their inspiration from the livelihood of deceased and make such forms as a fish for fisherman and an onion for a onion farmer Sometimes they are simply symbols of wealth and prestige , such as a Mercedes-Benz or this Nike sneaker. The Dramatic and colorful coffins display a natural joy for life in the face of death and demonstrate an artful way of overcoming adversity.

nike Air Max 95z coffin

Just remember you heard and saw it here first. Pics courtesy of The SneakrFather.

Stay Tuned...........

Stay Tuned...........

It’s a New Year, along with a New Year come new things. SneakrAddicts will always try to bring you something new. We were the first to bring you the time bomb release video which we shot with DjCk. We were also the first to bring you a sneaker related comic, which was oil painted. Entitled What Line Is Next?

We’ve received a lot of emails thanking us on being original with the site and ideals. So with that said we will continue to push the envelope and try and bring something new to the table as often as possible. We have a few more things that we plan to be first with so keep checking the site.

Stay Tuned…………………………..