Tier Zero Hennessy

Early last month we talked about Tier Zero liquor. Everyone who stops by to view this blog knows what a Tier Zero release is. We mentioned some Hennessy that has never been sold in the states. We mentioned two kinds. One Called Pure White Hennessy and the other Fine De Cognac Hennessy. Pure White Hennessy is only sold in the Carribean. And Fine De Cognac Hennessy is only sold in the U.K.

We stated besides collecting kicks we collect liquor as well. Some liquor bottles are just fascinating. A few days short of a entire month. And the Fine De Cognac has finally arrived. The bottle is so pretty. we don't want to even open it. Sorry to say we didn't receive the pretty box that the liquor comes in. Unlike Tier Zero sneakers, Tier Zero Liquor can't be shipped to the states. So We made a connect on the other side and the rest is self explanatory. Being so they had to go through some different measures of mailing out the liquor hence the reason for us not receiving the box.

Stay Tuned.............

A collision of 3

SneakrAddicts DVD would like to thank all the viewers for checking out the site and the videos. We will be trying something new. Their are a lot of sneaker blogs out there. One blog that stands out is theshoegame We must say theshoegame shows us a lot of love. So it's only right that we return the favor. As many of you may know they have a segment on the site entitled show me your collection.

theshoegame , SneakrAddicts DVD and One of the biggest Air Force 1 collectors Mayor. Will collide as one and shoot a Show Me Your Collection segment.

Mayor hurry your ass up. Let's get this rolling.

Stay Tuned............