Who is Vincent Edwards? pt.2

Who is Vincent Edwards you may ask? Well for those of you not in the knowing. Vincent Edwards is one of the greatest athletes ever. He played two Sports Football and Baseball. If that doesn't, give you a hint yet. Vincent Edwards is better known as Bo Jackson. He was a running back for the L.A. Raiders. He played left field and designated hitter for the Kansas City Royals, Chicago White Sox, and the California Angels. Bo was such a great athlete that he was named an all-star in both sports. Before his professional career, he earned the 1985 Heisman Trophy.

Let’s take a trip back to the year of 1989. Bo did so much that it was only right for Nike make ties with the man himself. A campaign started the BO KNOWS campaign. At that time Nike just launched their Cross Training shoe. The Cross Training shoe was designed to do everything in dam near. So it was only right that Nike picked BO to represent that shoe since he played every sport. BO played football, baseball, basketball and he ran track. BO even stepped into the video game world with games for Nintendo and Gameboy. He even appeared in a cartoon called the Pro Stars (BO KNOWS EVERYTHING)

Most of you may be wondering, where is he going with this? Well let me explain before SB's, Air Max and Air Force 1's. BO Jackson's were the sneakers that everyone wanted. They purchased them in multiply colors. The kicks were comfy and just plain HOT. From 1989 until 1995 BO's were dropping like someone clumsy was holding them. My favorite BO is the SC Trainer. The two hottest color ways are The Auburn which will be retroed soon and the Raiders color way.

If anyone from Nike is reading this. You need to know that their lot of SC Trainer heads out there. Were in hiding as of now because were waiting on those O.G. color ways to come back please don't disappoint us. With that said SneakrAddicts DVD decided to add some pics from a few BO heads. Pics of their collections and some old BO catalog pics. Shout outs to G-Roc, BKnowbles & The SneakrFather for their collection images and WallyHop for his collection pics and catalog images. If their any other BO heads out there please email us some pics of your collection SneakrAddicts@gmail.com Lets keep BO's alive.

Here are two pairs of Trainer 1 Samples


Catalog Images coming soon.

Stay Tuned...........