Global NYC Party

Global is a premium sneaker boutique and clothing store that carries the best European & US Clothing and kicks. They have two locations. One in New York and the other in London. With brands such as Prada, Fendi & Gucci. You will also be able to obtain items only sold at JdSports. From Jordans to Air Max 95's. The list goes on. Stop by either store. You can pick the one that's closer to you. Or Make a trip to both. Global NYC/Global London. The London location will be having a party August 31, 2008. Global NYC had a party last night. You can check out the footage from last night and the information for the London party below.

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AM 90 Infrared Classic

To all the AM 90 Infrared Classic fans. They will be on sale at 21 Mercer Store.
Price $92.00

Nike Sports Wear Store/21 Mercer Street

Well today is Tuesday. And people are sleeping outside. Why you may ask? They are sleeping outside for the opening of Nike Sports Wear Store/21 Mercer Street. The camp out started yesterday evening. Since they decided to camp out there lucked up and obtained a invite for the Nike Neighbor Party.

SneakrAddicts stopped by and their were at least ten people out there already. They were waiting to go inside to the Nike Neighbor Party. But they were turned down at the door. Their names weren't on the list. Confused as the people on the line (SneakrAddicts) wanted to know as well. Why were the invites given out but the campers weren't allowed to come in? (Shout out to Big L.E.S who got in)

SneakrAddicts asked what made them come out and camp. And they replied...... WTD, Mcfly
The Busy P AF1 and a few other sneakers. Were not sure were they got that info from. But rest assured none of those sneakers will be in the store on Friday for sale.

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21 Mercer Street Neighbor Party

When is comes to marketing Nike stands out as one of the best. If not number one. Just to give your a example. Nike gave a party tonight for their Neighbors of Mercer Street. The party allowed neighbors to come in and find out what the big commotion is about the new store on their block. Nike also supplied food and drinks. They also gave neighbors free gift cards that allowed them to id a sneaker of their choice. With Nike their is always a twist. And the twist for tonight was.... Even if your were a neighbor you had to be invited by Nike and your name had to be on a list.

As many of you may already know. Nike will be shutting down the Mercer Street block on Thursday for their block party & Ultimate VIP party. If you think you can just walk over to the block party and get your feet and networking in motion. Your dead wrong. The block will be shut down completely. So if you weren't invited to the Ultimate VIP party you can't even come on the block. Check the pics below.

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Nike Sports Wear Store/21 Mercer Street Correction

What's going on people? Were back this time with a correction. Yesterday we made a post about the Nike Sports Wear Store/21 Mercer. The post included pics of the Air Force 1 Low Lux and the M-65 Hoody. Well we just got word that the Air Force 1 Low Lux that was pictured yesterday will not be the one sold at 21 Mercer. The one pictured below was canceled sometime back. As far as the M-65 Hoody. It won't be in 21 Mercer anytime soon. But maybe sometime in the future.

As listed from yesterday the Air Force 1 Lux will be sold by order only. So if you have $2000 to toss around Have fun. (Estimated Price)

For now you can check the new pics listed below.

Nike Sports Wear Store/21 Mercer Street

Last week Thursday SneakrAddicts DVD stopped by Nike Sports Wear Store/21 Mercer Street. We stated that the store was still under construction. A good friend sent us a email with a picture of the store today. I must say that they put in a lot of work in the last five days.

21 Mercer Will have a totally new look and feel to a retail location. You will have X'clusives just for this store. X'clusives such as Nike X New Era Fitted Hats, AM 90, AF1's tee shirts and hoodys. Their will also be a Air Force 1 Low Lux. That will only be sold by order. Meaning that they will have to make the shoes for you. The price will be $1000. They will also be carrying the M65 hoody. The Price will be $300. Prices subject to change. These prices are just estimates for now.

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