21 Mercer Street Neighbor Party

When is comes to marketing Nike stands out as one of the best. If not number one. Just to give your a example. Nike gave a party tonight for their Neighbors of Mercer Street. The party allowed neighbors to come in and find out what the big commotion is about the new store on their block. Nike also supplied food and drinks. They also gave neighbors free gift cards that allowed them to id a sneaker of their choice. With Nike their is always a twist. And the twist for tonight was.... Even if your were a neighbor you had to be invited by Nike and your name had to be on a list.

As many of you may already know. Nike will be shutting down the Mercer Street block on Thursday for their block party & Ultimate VIP party. If you think you can just walk over to the block party and get your feet and networking in motion. Your dead wrong. The block will be shut down completely. So if you weren't invited to the Ultimate VIP party you can't even come on the block. Check the pics below.

Stay Tuned.......