Nike Sports Wear Store/21 Mercer Street Correction

What's going on people? Were back this time with a correction. Yesterday we made a post about the Nike Sports Wear Store/21 Mercer. The post included pics of the Air Force 1 Low Lux and the M-65 Hoody. Well we just got word that the Air Force 1 Low Lux that was pictured yesterday will not be the one sold at 21 Mercer. The one pictured below was canceled sometime back. As far as the M-65 Hoody. It won't be in 21 Mercer anytime soon. But maybe sometime in the future.

As listed from yesterday the Air Force 1 Lux will be sold by order only. So if you have $2000 to toss around Have fun. (Estimated Price)

For now you can check the new pics listed below.