Premium Goods Zoom Kobe 1 Release Raffle

A new Nike box was used. To place the raffle tickets of 26 people who tried their luck to win the Zoom Kobe 1. Three out of the eight campers names were called at the release. Due to reasons stated in a previous post they were disqualified. Since they were disqualified other names were pulled from the box.

Premium Goods Zoom Kobe 1 Release

Well people the wait is finally over. The Premium Goods Zoom Kobe 1 has released today. The Texas location released their pairs at 11:00 a.m. The New York location released their pairs at 2:00 p.m.

As we know most of the time at a release their is always a problem. The campers who were disqualified felt that they were treated wrong. Their were eight campers who slept outside in front of the store since Saturday. They finally packed up and moved on Tuesday. Yesterday we told you that they were disqualified. But we didn't tell you why. The reason for the disqualification, campers or the parents of the campers were upset. Upset with Clarence's decision of the raffle. Someone in the bunch took and key and scratched up two cars. One belonging to Clarence and the other car belonged to a friend of Clarence.

Two campers returned to the store today to try their luck and see if they actually won a pair. One of the two that returned today actually won. His name was pulled from the nike box that Clarence used to pick the lucky raffle winners.

When Clarence told the camper he was disqualified he was very upset. He called the police to the store. But you can check it all out in the video. The video will be posted up soon. For now enjoy the pics.

Shout out to Texas Chris & Jay for obtaining five pairs out of the sixteen from the Texas store. (You Two Dudes are beast. We see you).

Premium Goods Zoom Kobe 1

Well tomorrow is the big day for Premium Goods. The Premium Goods Zoom Kobe 1 will release. The Sneaker will go on sale between the hours of 1-2 P.M. All of the campers were disqualified for reasons were not able to share at this present time. But for anyone who truly wanted the sneaker you have a chance to obtain them. As long as your purchased a item for the raffle.

Stay Tuned.........

Questo VS. Infrared Air Max 90

Nike Town N.Y. has a line outside right now. The line is 25 deep already. For what you may ask. Nike Town N.Y. has 12 pairs of the Questo's and 36 pairs of the Infrared 90's. The Questo AF1 is suppose to retail at $175.00 (rumored) To my understanding $235.00 is retail price. And the Infrared 90's are suppose to retail at $92.00 (rumor). Only time will tell. Good luck to all.

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New Balance Pigeon 575 Release Video 2

The New Balance Pigeon 575 Release Video 2 will be up shortly.

New Balance Pigeon 575 Release Video

Today was the officially release of the New Balance Pigeon 575. Yesterday their were at least 25 people out there online. Today's count hit at least 40 people or more. I must say the set up was very different from the Dunk Pigeon release. It was very quiet and civil. I guess Reed Space didn't want the same thing to happen. Or it could be that some people weren't to crazy that this design was a pair of New Balance. What ever the case may be. A line did exist and people slept outside. So Reed Space did something right. They used the Pigeon theme. A theme which put them on the map in 2005.

SneakrAddicts DVD had a chance to speak with Jeff Staple once again. Jeff was nice enough to toss SneakAddicts DVD a shirt a Pigeon shirt. Jeff dropped a few lines about another project that was kept quiet. The LOMO. The LOMO is a camera for old school camera heads. Its comes with a book set. But we we'll let Jeff tell it. Check out the pics & video.

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QuestLove 1 World AF1 UBIQ RELEASE

Well as everyone knows the Questo AF1 released in Philly yesterday. SneakrAddicts didn't have a chance to make it out to the release. But we have a picture of the UBIQ Nike Tee for the Questo's. Shout out to Yung from for the pic. To bad he didn't bring us back any shirts. Yung we will talk about this.

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New Balance Pigeon 575

SneakrAddicts are back. With another camp out. This time it's not a Nike release. It's the New Balance Pigeon 575. Were not sure what time the camp out started but their are about 20 people out there already. This will be a busy week for the campers for sure. With the Pigeon 575 ,Zoom Kobe 1 and the United We Raise Hyperdunk. We wonder if any of the campers will have time to sleep. Some of them came from previous camp outs. And still found time to make their way over to Reed Space.

Jeff Staple (for those not in the knowing) Is the man behind the whole Pigeon theme. He took the time to come out and talk to the people for a few. And gave out Pigeon hats and Pigeon tee shirts.

SneakrAddicts had the chance to get a few words from Jeff.

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Premium Goods Zoom Kobe 1

On the fourth day of their campout. The campers for the Premium Goods Zoom Kobe 1 are a little upset. They were told by the store that the line had to come to a end. And a raffle will be given out for the shoes. You would have to purchase a item from the store for your chance to obtain the Zoom Kobe 1. Items such as a shirt, fitted hat or a store pin. SneakrAddicts will keep you posted

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Premium Goods Zoom Kobe 1

Fresh after the Questo release. Nike's at it again. This time with a shoe that's really limited. This time around its the Premium Goods Zoom Kobe 1. Yes people another sneaker thats limited means their is another line.

The sneaker is rumored to sixteen pairs world wide. Split between the two Premium Goods stores (Texas & New York)Clarence and Jen will surly sell out on the day of release. Premium Goods New York already has a line out. The line started on Saturday. there are only eight pairs between each store. With this information widely know.
The New York store already has a list of twenty people. For what reason we don't know. But we will tell you this. SneakrAddicts DVD will keep you posted with the latest information and interview from Clarence of Premium Goods New York.

The sneaker has a very hefty price tag of $444. Some may ask why. Some may even ask where did that weird number come from. We at SneakrAddicts DVD spoke to Clarence and he informed us of the weird price tag and other information pertaining to the sneaker.

The number 8 was taken from Kobe’s old jersey. The number 8 inspired the infinity logo print. The number 8 set the release date. $444 price for each store equal $888 hence 8-8-08. 4+4+4+4+4+4=24 Kobe’s new jersey number. Atomic orbital represented energy. Fade swoosh represents movement. And the white base color represents lightness.

One side of the sneaker has a white/grayish nubuck colorway. A lot of thought and work were put into designing this shoe.