Who said it's over?

Just when you thought The Bo Jackson heads wouldn't get anymore love. Nike blesses us with the O.G. SC Trainer White/Grey/Navy/Black colorway. "Dam it feels good to see people up on it" To bad they won't release until next summer. Shame on you Nike. Shout out to NikeTalk for posting the info.

Stay Tuned.............

Auburn 98 Retro for sale on ebay for $549.99

While browsing on eBay for some old SC Trainers one auction caught my eye. This particular auction caught my eye for two reasons. (1). The auction had a DS pair of Auburn SC Trainers from 98 for sale. (2). The price was just crazy in my eyes. I must admit I’ve been looking for a DS pair of Auburns from 98 for some time now. For the simple fact, that I expected the 2009 pair to have less quality of the 98 version. Sure enough I was correct.

For all the SC Trainer heads out here please express your opinion via blog or email and elaborate on the price of this auction. Let us know if you think that price is just crazy or would you spend that price on that beau2ful retro. The link for thought.


Stay Tuned.........................