Premium Goods Zoom Kobe 1

Fresh after the Questo release. Nike's at it again. This time with a shoe that's really limited. This time around its the Premium Goods Zoom Kobe 1. Yes people another sneaker thats limited means their is another line.

The sneaker is rumored to sixteen pairs world wide. Split between the two Premium Goods stores (Texas & New York)Clarence and Jen will surly sell out on the day of release. Premium Goods New York already has a line out. The line started on Saturday. there are only eight pairs between each store. With this information widely know.
The New York store already has a list of twenty people. For what reason we don't know. But we will tell you this. SneakrAddicts DVD will keep you posted with the latest information and interview from Clarence of Premium Goods New York.

The sneaker has a very hefty price tag of $444. Some may ask why. Some may even ask where did that weird number come from. We at SneakrAddicts DVD spoke to Clarence and he informed us of the weird price tag and other information pertaining to the sneaker.

The number 8 was taken from Kobe’s old jersey. The number 8 inspired the infinity logo print. The number 8 set the release date. $444 price for each store equal $888 hence 8-8-08. 4+4+4+4+4+4=24 Kobe’s new jersey number. Atomic orbital represented energy. Fade swoosh represents movement. And the white base color represents lightness.

One side of the sneaker has a white/grayish nubuck colorway. A lot of thought and work were put into designing this shoe.