Premium Goods Zoom Kobe 1 Release

Well people the wait is finally over. The Premium Goods Zoom Kobe 1 has released today. The Texas location released their pairs at 11:00 a.m. The New York location released their pairs at 2:00 p.m.

As we know most of the time at a release their is always a problem. The campers who were disqualified felt that they were treated wrong. Their were eight campers who slept outside in front of the store since Saturday. They finally packed up and moved on Tuesday. Yesterday we told you that they were disqualified. But we didn't tell you why. The reason for the disqualification, campers or the parents of the campers were upset. Upset with Clarence's decision of the raffle. Someone in the bunch took and key and scratched up two cars. One belonging to Clarence and the other car belonged to a friend of Clarence.

Two campers returned to the store today to try their luck and see if they actually won a pair. One of the two that returned today actually won. His name was pulled from the nike box that Clarence used to pick the lucky raffle winners.

When Clarence told the camper he was disqualified he was very upset. He called the police to the store. But you can check it all out in the video. The video will be posted up soon. For now enjoy the pics.

Shout out to Texas Chris & Jay for obtaining five pairs out of the sixteen from the Texas store. (You Two Dudes are beast. We see you).