Nike Sports Wear Store/21 Mercer Street

Last week Thursday SneakrAddicts DVD stopped by Nike Sports Wear Store/21 Mercer Street. We stated that the store was still under construction. A good friend sent us a email with a picture of the store today. I must say that they put in a lot of work in the last five days.

21 Mercer Will have a totally new look and feel to a retail location. You will have X'clusives just for this store. X'clusives such as Nike X New Era Fitted Hats, AM 90, AF1's tee shirts and hoodys. Their will also be a Air Force 1 Low Lux. That will only be sold by order. Meaning that they will have to make the shoes for you. The price will be $1000. They will also be carrying the M65 hoody. The Price will be $300. Prices subject to change. These prices are just estimates for now.

Stay Tuned......................