Nike Sports Wear Store/21 Mercer Street

Well today is Tuesday. And people are sleeping outside. Why you may ask? They are sleeping outside for the opening of Nike Sports Wear Store/21 Mercer Street. The camp out started yesterday evening. Since they decided to camp out there lucked up and obtained a invite for the Nike Neighbor Party.

SneakrAddicts stopped by and their were at least ten people out there already. They were waiting to go inside to the Nike Neighbor Party. But they were turned down at the door. Their names weren't on the list. Confused as the people on the line (SneakrAddicts) wanted to know as well. Why were the invites given out but the campers weren't allowed to come in? (Shout out to Big L.E.S who got in)

SneakrAddicts asked what made them come out and camp. And they replied...... WTD, Mcfly
The Busy P AF1 and a few other sneakers. Were not sure were they got that info from. But rest assured none of those sneakers will be in the store on Friday for sale.

Stay Tuned..........