The Addicted

Here are 3 addicts(collectors) that are featured on the Sneakr Addicts Dvd. We will continue to post more collectors and a few clips as the release date nears.

Dave "ABACUS" "El Presidente'"

Collecting:15 Yrs
Pairs:Approximately 150
Media Appearances:SneakrAddicts DVD,
Awards:"Awards? Don't need none, I'm certified"
Travel:Japan,Miami,DR,Hong Kong, Philly, Cali
Imports:Japan,Hong Kong, Paris,Australia
Sneaker that started the addiction: Patrick Ewing Sneakers(Personal Line)

Chad "I Don't Do Much"

Age: 29
Collecting: 15 Yrs
Pair:Approximately 1,000
Media appearances: SneakrAddicts DVD & International Sneaker Battle
Awards: Best Other Collection @ International Sneaker Battle
Travel:Seattle, MIA,Canada, VA,DC,Maine, North Carolina ,Cali
Imports:England & France
Sneaker that started the addiction: Jordan 3's

Mayor "Air To The Throne"

Collecting:Copping all my life. Turned into a beast in 95
Pairs:Approximately 1,400
Media Appearances: SneakrAddicts DVD, Sole Collector AF1 25TH Anniversary CBS Sunday Morning News, CW 11 News
Nike NYC Vote &
Travel:Shops in the Ny everything else is shipped.
Imports: Japan & China
Sneaker that started the addiction:White & Black Air Force 1 high with swoosh on strap