QuestLove 1 World AF1 Queue Day 2

SneakrAddicts popped up at the Alife Rivington Club, day two of the Questo AF1 queue. I must say we witnessed alot of stuff tonight. Some funny, some good and some bad.

As always people stop by lines and ask the famous question."What is this line for." And when one of the people on the line answers with the famous answer."A pair of limited sneakers" You already know what kinds of remarks come after that."Your crazy and so on."

Tonight SneakerAddicts witnessed something totally new. A spectator got into a verbal dispute with a person off of the line. And after that all hell broke loose. The spectator tosses a bottle at the line. The people who were in queue on the line didn't take likely to that. That cause the spectator to get chased up the block by at least 20 people online. In the heat of the moment with anger in the air. The people online didn't pay attention to what the spectator said while chasing him up the block. "Come on follow me. I dare you."

With great speed the spectator got away. But moments later came back with a group of friends and bullied the line. They took one kids ipod. Tossed water on half of the people on the line and they took some of the chairs that people were camping in the night before.

One kid from the line was chased two block up. It is rumored that he got jumped and stomped out by the spectator & friends. And he had to go to the hospital. Like we stated it is a rumor for now. We will see how true it is. If he doesn't show for his pair tomorrow.

Seventy people on line and the spectator came back with at least ten of his friends. And they cleared the whole line. Very interesting to see how people talk tough online but when something pops off. They run off their about to compete for Beijing Olympics track & field. With all the ruckus and commotion. The Blue and Whites pulled up. They circled the blocks a few time. Sorry to say SneakrAddict didn't get any of this footage because the battery died for the camera. But after a little recharge we got some info from the people outside. Just to keep everyone else up to date.

All in all it was a very crazy night. A couple were outside on the line. And they got into a fight as well. Not a argument a fight. The girlfriend busted the boyfriend over the head with a metal chair. He gave her a quick slap after that. And then she gave him about five quick jabs and a haymaker. I think Kimbo Slice finally has some competition.

We will be at Alife Rivington Club tomorrow for more info

Stay Tuned............