P-Rod Gucci Pack

Everyone has their favorite style of sneaker, such as Air Force 1, Air Max 95, etc, etc. there is one style of sneaker that is slept on by a lot of people. That sneaker style is the P-Rod SB line.

Nike turned to the young Paul Rodriguez as a front runner. Paul Rodriguez was the first pro skater to be signed on to Nike SB in 2004. In 2005, the Nike P-Rod SB's were released. In 2005 the P-Rod SB line did great. Were not sure why, but we can say that it might have been because of the elite series. The series consisted of designs from Futura, Stash, Marco Hernandez, Michael Hernandez, Tinker Hatfield and last but not least the unreleased pair from Andy Jenkins. (Dam I really wanted that pair.)

Since then the P-Rod line has died down unless you’re a skater. Nike tried to do the same thing again with the new series of P-Rods. Sad to say it didn’t work as well as it did in 2005. Tinker Hatfield has designed a pair once again and a new designer to the P-Rod series Hiroshi Fujiwara.

Nike has come up with a color way that is very popular. The Gucci color way. How will this pair do? To give you a little more motivation Nike used the Jedi mind trick. They made a matching varsity and hat. (They can keep the hat. I’m already sold on the varsity and kicks). I was fortunate enough to obtain the varsity as a gift. Now all I need are the sneakers. The varsity looks great in person.

Stay Tuned..............