Feets Malone's Bespoke

For those of you who already had the chance to see the pics of this Bespoke were sorry that we wasted your time. For those of you who did not have a chance thanks for viewing. Some people may say that were late with posting the pics of these Bespokes. We say that we did not want the same pics that everyone else had posted. With that said, the man behind this pair of Bespoke is Feets Malone. Known only be a selective few for a mean collection under his belt. Feets Malone hit us with pics. These pics were taken just for SneakrAddicts.

Feets is suppose to appear on the SneakrAddicts DVD, but just like a few other that are suppose to appear. He is taking to dam long. (Feets GET ON YOUR DAM JOB)

Stay Tuned............


Feets Malone said...

Thank you for posting and for the subtle flame!!!! LOL