Retro SC Trainer Raiders 1997 Vs 2009

We heard that they were dropping the Raiders colorway in December of 09’, but they were released today at 21 Mercer. Samples were posted on the web sometime back in June. The samples didn’t show that this retro would have the number 34 on the back.
Rumors were tossed in the air stating the the O.G. raiders colorway would return once again in 2010 with the number 34 on the back. I guess we won’t be looking forward for the O.G. colorway anymore.

People were going nuts because they believed that the O.G. color would drop with the number 34 on the back. Some people would have taken the O.G. color without the 34. Let us know which retro is better. The 1997 or the 2009.

Stay Tuned.....................